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Even Put A Stopper On Death

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LILY! Could I talk to you for a second? Or, if permissable, a whole DAY.

[charmed Private]
Merlin! The bruise, that horrid bruise left by father the last time I saw him! Black and Lupin saw it! They saw it! How on earth am I supposed to cover that up?
[/charmed Private]

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Honestly. Talking to Lupin in the library is not a crime punishable by death, Black. Grow up.

[charmed private]
Another letter from Mother.
Everything is well here.
Liar. You know it's not. Your father is looking for another job, and as he has been highly successful in the past, At what? Drinking competitions? he should get one soon.
All my love,
Your mother, Eileen.

Ah, mam, thy eyes are blind'd to tha husband's lies.

.... I hate Yorkshire dialect.

[/charmed private]

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[Charmed Private from prying-eyes]
I went to a meeting. To see Lucius at the Hog's Head. It was about serving the Dark Lord.

I am interested. For reasons I will not divulge here, for I fear that anyone could break though. Let's just say, my father will pay for Mother's pain.

[Charmed Public]

I hate Black. I hate Potter. .... Enough said.


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Name: Severus Snape
Age/Birthday: 16/ January 9th 1960
House: Slytherin

Physical Description:
Severus is quite tall and thin and unhealthily so. His height contributes to his thin appearance, his long and gangly frame making people think he is thinner than he is. The illusion is heightened by his long, thin nose, which hints at jewish blood in his somewhere. His skin is pale, and sallow, probably something left behind from jaundice at an earlier age.
His hair is long, black and would probably be nice if he didn't forget to wash it. Staring out on the world are cold, dark eyes that show nothing. He refuses to let his emotions drag him down, and so Severus hides behind an ice cold shield.
Severus' mannerisms and posture, shoulders forward but back straight, suggest that he is polite and an all round gentleman, but lacks the self-confidence to be someone to stand out in the crowd.

Personality Description:
Severus has no interest in being a social butterfly. Quiet, cunning and resourceful, he shows all the traits of a Slytherin. Sometimes referred to as an over-sized bat, Severus tends to wear a lot of black, just to keep people away. He is always in-the-know, and people sometimes mistake his not talking, for not listening. He can get away with hearing the most private conversations by pretending to be reading a book near them, and that sometimes comes in useful.
However, his school life is tortured by the Marauders; James Potter, and Sirius Black being the ring leaders. He is called Snivellus by them, and would punch them both if he knew he wouldn't get caught. He wouldn't put his neck on the line for them any day.
15 words; Severe, stern, calculating, cold, indifferent, moody, introverted, solemn, solitary, observant, pessimistic, unforgiving, surly, sullen, tortured.

Family Background:
Severus is a half-blood; his mother Eileen, is one of the Princes, an old pureblood family that spans centuries. His father, Tobias, is a muggle and a rather nasty one at that. Both his parents are narrow-minded and somewhat cruel, though Eileen has a soft spot for her son. Being an only child, you would think that Severus got whatever he wanted, but you couldn't have been more wrong; his parents weren't exactly poor, but neither were they 'middle-class'. His mother had been disinherited for marrying a sorry excuse for a muggle, and his father had come from a lower-class industrial area of Yorkshire.

Personal History:
Severus was born, aptly, at midnight on January 9th, a few months premature. Doctors said it was a touch-and-go situation with him, and neither of his parents expected him to live long; his father insisted he was baptised so at least, when he did die, he wouldn’t go to Hell. As such, a name was chosen in a rush for him; Severus Tobias Snape. Severe, stern, name that would eventually define his person.
Severus had a somewhat rough childhood. His father became alcoholic and regularly beat his wife, forcing his son to watch. One of Severus’ earliest memories is his father throwing a bottle at his mother and his mother shrieking as it hit the wall behind her head as she dropped to her knees. When he tried to stop a beating once, his father punched him in the face and broke his nose; he must have been no more than 9. After that, he covered his ears as his mother screamed and screamed.
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Slytherin common room, Hogwarts
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